“Privatisation of Irish Water is ultimately envisaged,” Eurostat

New revelations in relation to the ongoing Irish Water fiasco reveal the Irish Central Statistics Office (CSO) contacted Eurostat in order to have a paragraph removed from their advice letter that stated: “Privatisation of Irish Water is ultimately envisaged.”

The Irish Government has denied that privatisation is the real agenda behind the introduction of water charges, yet it seems Eurostat may have information to the contrary.

According to Brendan Ogle of the Right2Water Ireland campaign, “Eurostat did not compose this sentence from nothing. There must be further information that led them to believe that privatisation is envisaged and if so, we want to see it.”

He added, “As far as we’re concerned, privatisation was always the real agenda. If it wasn’t, why won’t the government give us the referendum that Right2Water has been demanding for months now, which would enshrine ownership of our water infrastructure in the hands of the public?”

Right2Water was contacted today (Sunday, September 6, 2015) about the new revelations and we expressed our concern in relation to potential political interference with a Eurostat ruling, which should be impartial.

“We need to know if there has been contact between senior politicians and the CSO or Eurostat. Was the CSO instructed to write this letter, and if so, by who? Eurostat should have been allowed to make their ruling without any interference,” said Mr Ogle.

Another concern Right2Water has is the admission by the CSO that privatisation may occur in the future. According to the CSO's letter, "...the documentation sent to Eurostat on the Irish Water classification is about a provision in the legislation in the event that privatisation is considered in the future."

"So much for the government's line that there is sufficient protections against privatisation," said Mr Ogle.

He concluded, “Look, the dogs on the street know the real agenda is to hand over our water system to private speculators, at which point water bills will soar, like they have done in the UK, France, the United States and everywhere else where privatisation has occurred. Even Eurostat, a supposedly independent EU agency seems to agree that privatisation is the real agenda so the government have some very serious questions to answer.”

Alleged communication between the CSO and Eurostat: