From Bandon to Wicklow: Right2Water announces details of local events on November 1st

The Right2Water campaign today (Tuesday 28 October) announced details of local events planned for Saturday November 1st to highlight public opposition to planned water charges.   
Over 50 different events are planned in a range of locations from Bandon to Wicklow, and a full list of events, venues and times is available here.
In a statement, the Right2Water campaign today said:
“Over 100,000 people came out on the streets of Dublin on October 11th to assert their Right2Water.  Now, we have asked local communities to arrange their own events this coming Saturday (November 1st), with the result that nearly 50 local events will be taking place around the country.
“Additional local events are being finalised for November 1st, and a final list will be released to the media on Thursday October 30th.
“Following these local events, the Right2Water campaign will sponsor a national People’s Assembly outside the Dail at 1 pm Wednesday December 10th – International Human Rights Day.
“On that day we will visibly and vocally celebrate and reinforce our human Right2Water and, in this regard, we are delighted to announce the event will be attended by a delegation from the Detroit Water Brigade”.