Detroit Water Brigade to attend December 10th People’s Assembly

Right2Water and Detroit Water Brigade issue joint statement in advance of major event

In a joint statement issued today (Thursday 6th November), the Right2Water campaign and the Detroit Water Brigade reaffirmed their belief that water is a human right, and pointed out that the commodification of water has already plunged thousands of Detroit families into water poverty, while countless Irish households will face the threat of water poverty unless domestic water charges are abolished.

“December 10th is International Human Rights Day.  On that day, outside Dail Eireann, we will be reaffirming our human right to water and demanding the abolition of domestic water charges in Ireland.  We will also be sending a message of solidarity to the citizens of Detroit,  where the unprecedented scale of water shut-offs  is disproportionately affecting the most vulnerable households.

“From Dublin to Detroit and beyond the commodification of our water through regressive double taxation must be, and will be, stopped. In Detroit, many children go to bed at night uncertain whether tomorrow they'll have water to drink or brush their teeth. This is not a 'policy', this is negligence at the highest level of government.  Water shutoffs are the logical conclusion of the commodification of water systems: corporate bureaucrats turn human beings into mere customers who only deserve water if they can afford it.

“Both the Right2Water campaign and the Detroit Water Brigade are committed to growing an international movement that will use the experiences of Detroit and Ireland to reclaim our human right to water from those who seek to commodify water at the expense of the public good”, the statement concluded.