Revelations of further waste at Irish Water will swell Saturday’s Right2Water demonstration

The Right2Water campaign today (19 March) condemned what it termed “monumental waste” at Irish Water following revelations that the company intends spending well over half a million Euro on an advertising campaign to advise Irish people that the water that we use requires treatment to make it drinkable.

Commenting, Right2Water spokesperson Brendan Ogle said:

“Not only is this massive advertising spend a monumental waste of public funds – it is also extremely patronising to assume that citizens need to be told that clean drinking water requires treatment.

“For Irish Water to spend massive amounts of public money to tell people what they already know is one more indication that this company is out of control. 

“It is increasingly clear that there is only one way for the Government to recoup the billions that have been poured into the black hole of Irish Water, and that is for bills to be increased following expiry of the cap in 2018”.

“I have no doubt that today’s revelations will simply galvanise more people to come out on the National Demonstration being organised on Saturday by Right2Water”, Brendan Ogle concluded.