Right2Water steering group report

The Right2Water steering committee met yesterday (January 8th) to discuss plans for 2015.

The consensus from the meeting is that the Right2Water organisers will take a number of weeks to prepare a comprehensive campaign strategy for 2015, including a timetable of events and a sustainable funding model. This strategy will be published in a number of weeks.

In the meantime, the Right2Water campaign will be meeting and having discussions with all of the pillars of the campaign – community groups, political parties and trade unions. The campaign will also begin a process of seeking submissions from individuals and anti-water charges groups throughout the country.

For avoidance of doubt, all peaceful protest including water meter protest, non-payment and peaceful disobedience, are supported by the campaign.

A number of groups within Right2Water are organising and mobilising for local demonstrations on Saturday, 31st January. Right2Water welcomes these protests, as we do with all peaceful protests. Please support your local demonstration and let’s ensure water charges remain the number one issue on the agenda for 2015.