Vote against water charges at ICTU BDC reflects views of trade union membership

The Right2Water campaign today (Wednesday July 8th) welcomed the vote by delegates at the Irish Congress of Trade Unions' (ICTU) Biennial Delegate Council to support a motion rejecting water charges and calling for a Constiutional referendum ensuring that water remains in public ownership.  Passage of the motion was preceded by the defeat of an amendment which essentially endorsed charges.

Commenting, Unite Education Officer and Right2Water coordinator Brendan Ogle said:

“The decision by delegates to effectively call for the abolition of water charges reflects the views of trade union members throughout the country – tens of thousands of whom have attended national and local Right2Water demonstrations.

“Our campaign is delighted that Congress is now in step with the trade union movement, and we look forward to working with other unions, in addition to those already affiliated to Right2Water to ensure that these charges are abolished”, Mr Ogle said.